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Lentil Soup

29 October, 2013


3 cups of green or brown lentils soaked for at least two hours

4 large ripe tomatoes grated

2 large carrots chopped into medium size pieces

2 large onions chopped

2 celery stalks chopped

2 tsp sweet paprika

2-3 tblsp Coconut Magic coconut oil

4-5 cups of filtered water

Himalayan sea salt

What to do:

Heat coconut oil in a large pot until melted. Add onion and saute 2 - 3 minutes or until soft.
Add grated tomatoes and saute another minute, add one cup of water and sweet paprika. Allow to boil, add carrots
Rinse lentils and add to the pot
Add water until the mixture is covered to the top
Add the chopped celery
Let the soup come to a boil and then simmer for 40 miuntes or until lentils are soft.