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Raw Hemp Choc Pudding

24 May, 2014

Magic Ingredients:

• 10 dates, pitted
• 1 cup hemp seeds
• 1.5 tablespoons raw cacao powder
• 1.5 tablespoons coconut oil
• pinch vanilla bean powder
• fresh berries (optional)
• 2/3 cup water
• 2/3 cup of ice

What to do:

Add the dates, water and ice to the blender and blend into a rough paste.

Add the hemp seeds, coconut oil, cacao powder and vanilla bean powder and blend until creamy and smooth. You might need to use your tamper to assist the blender.

Blend until you achieve the right creamy consistency.

You can add some fresh berries when serving to further enhance the antioxidant value, and the deliciousness of this recipe.