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Drinks and Beverages

Green leafy vegetables, coconut oil, garlic and lemon juice.
This is an ideal way to start your day. Drink first thing in the morning when your body is already in it’s natural detox mode.
Orange juice, garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper. A liver detox blast that actually taste's really good!
You can feel your entire body cleanse as you drink this delightful green beet juice.
The best green smoothie ever! You can also watch a demonstration video on how to make Green Smoothie Magic....
Green leave, coconut and cacao. A real peace maker green smoothie.
My absolute all time favourite, once you start drinking these you will crave the alkalising and cleansing affects on your body
The Chocolate Magic shake is food for the brain and for the body. Packed full of healthy fats,that is your essential fatty acids in cacao power and avocado, as well as our beloved medicinal...
Berry's are not only delicious they are also a great source (if not the best) of antioxidants. A great blend for a superfood smoothie.
Full of antioxidants, fiber, superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics, wholefoods, vitamins and minerals for healthy fertility and pregnancy.
Packed with nutrition, energy and cleansing properties this superfood smoothie is a great way to kick start your day. Yummmmm
This smoothie is a nutrient and mineral rich heaven. Not to mention full of fiber, essential fatty acids and proteins that are all plant based.
This is so super delicious I could drink it all day. Healthy, sweet and tropical, this Green Pina Colada is my favourite recipe of all the green smoothies....
This smoothie recipe will boost your energy levels and cleanse your blood. There are also some great antioxidant berry ingredients. A must try!
You won't go hungry until lunch with this breakfast smoothie filled with healthy fats and fruity deliciousness!
Turmeric milk is right up there with hot cacao and tea for the perfect healing drink. Ideal to help you with a good nights sleep..
This green smoothie will make you feel as though you are sitting beachside with the sun shining on your face .. The wonderful combination of zucchini, mango and coconut oil will nourish...
The coconut nectar sweetens this peach smoothie recipe, while the orange gives it a summer twang. Extremely refreshing and delicious!
There are so many things we can do with coconut and when you do it yourself you can be sure to avoid additives, sugars, and even the influences of certain kinds of packaging.
This vegan-friendly coconut spiced tea is a creamy, delicious alternative to coffee and contains plenty of health-promoting Ayurvedic spices. The coconut sugar adds a delicious toffee-flavoured...
Coconut and Chai is an amazing combo. Made with delicious spices, plenty of coconut and chilled coconut water this smoothie is like spicy coconut heaven.
This thick, blueberry and coconut smoothie is refreshing quick, easy, delicious and incredibly nutritious.
Dandelion is great for detoxing the liver! It is also chock full of vitamins A, B, C, and D, as well as minerals such as iron, potassium, and zinc. Dandelion leaves are used to add...
I love a little bit of fresh fruit like apple, pear or pineapple in my green smoothie, along with lots of fresh mint and fresh turmeric root for it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory/alkalising...
With a combination of bananas, coconut milk, peanut butter and a variety of spices, this rich and nutritious smoothie will leave you satisfied and nourished!
Easter is just around the corner! There is no better way to celebrate than starting the day with this healthy delicious chocolate smoothie. The cacao, maca and mesquite work to offer...
Originally designed by Dave Asprey, the new popular bulletproof coffee is making waves in the health world. Renown for its ability to increase energy, improve digestion and enhance...
This quick and easy recipe makes a litre of coconut milk to enjoy with your breakfast, coffee, tea, anytime!