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Coconut Oil Natural Deodorant

10 March, 2013

Ingredients in many deodorant bottles are already complex and suspicious. When aluminium is added the purpose of this is to close the pores of the skin and prevent sweat production. Sweat is the bodies way to naturally rid itself of harmful bacteria, it is a healthy and necessary way to detox.

Coconut oil based deodorant does not block the pores, or prevent the natural process of detoxing. It does not put chemicals either into this sensitive area of the body. It' is an antioxidant, and the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties cleanse and moisturise the area.

Cornstarch and arrowroot powders absorb wetness, and the baking soda absorbs odours. You can choose your own aroma with natural essential oils.


1/4 cup of Virgin Coconut Oil

1/4 cup of baking soda

1/4 cup of corn starch (or arrowroot powder will also work great)

10 drops of pure essential oils (your favourite aromas, I like lavender or tea tree oil)

What to do:

Melt the coconut oil if it is solid.

Place all dry ingredients into a bowl. Add the melted coconut oil and stir well. Place the mixture into a jar with a sealable lid.

And thats how you make healthy and beautiful natural deodorant with coconut oil.

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