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Coconut Body Care

This is a skin cleansing process that is derived through ancient wisdom. As we come back to nature with our health care, we start listening again to the ancients.
Moisturise, cleanse and exfoliate gently, all in one with coconut oil. It really is that amazing and a must have for all natural beauty regimes.
Coconut oil can make a wonderful, healthy and clean toothpaste.
Coconut oil based deodorant does not block the pores, or prevent the natural process of detoxing. It does not put chemicals either into this sensitive area of the body.
The antioxidant properties of raw cacao powder work just as good on the outside of our bodies as they do on the inside. Coconut oil is amazing on the skin when blended with power super...
Body butter never tasted so good!
Made with pure ingredients, no synthetic fragrance or chemical additives. So clean you can eat it!
A simple to make blend of ingredients designed to whiten your teeth without the use of any harsh chemicals.
Natural, organic and toxic free exfoliant to use cleanse and nourish both the face and the body.
The combination of coffee, coconut oil sugar & cinnamon makes this body scrub an excellent one to stimulate blood flow and nourish the skin. Also safe to eat in the shower!
These body scrub cubes are the easiest way to give your body a weekly treat. The caffeine in coffee grounds is a good way to make your skin tighter and firmer. The coconut oil, which...