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About us

Welcome to the Coconut Cleanse Challenge.

Since launching Coconut Magic in Australia in 2011, we continue to receive messages from people raving about how much they love our coconut oil, and how much it has helped them, their families and even their pets!

To further expand our vision of inspiration and health education, we have introduced this Free 10 Day Coconut Cleanse Challenge. By having you commit to the challenge, just for 10 days, you will see for yourself how amazing it feels to live a clean, healthy coconut crazy lifestyle too.

The challenge includes taking virgin coconut oil daily, with whole foods, green smoothies and super foods. After 10 days you will feel and look so great this may just become your natural way of life.

Take the10 day Coconut Cleanse and then decide for yourself. You will probably find that processed unhealthy foods are no longer attractive to you. After the 10 day cleanse, your body will in tune with what it really needs, and that is real, whole and nourishing foods

You can view some of our ongoing customer feedback here

Love and Coconuts!